Missy Elliott Doubles Up With '9th Inning,' 'Triple Threat' Singles

By Rob Markman

They say you can’t change a player’s game in the ninth inning, so Missy Elliott who is accustom to making big hits came with not one, but two new singles on Monday night.First Misdemeanor and her partner-in-crime Timbaland unleashed the full version of “9th Inning,” a song that they previewed last week. The track starts off with a regal horn intro, which then gives way to aggressive piano strikes. Missy hasn’t released a rap album in seven years, but it’s clear she is gearing up for a comeback and has a definite chip on her shoulder. “Now I’m the ninth inning/ Thought I fell off, ain’t quite finished/ Yeah I’ma about to put my foot in it/ Talk with it, walk with it, I’m no gimmick,” she raps with purpose.

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Timabland also puts his foot down on the second verse, reminding listeners of all of his award-winning accomplishments and he even randomly gives a shout to the Fame Monster. “I like Lady Gaga, why not let a n---a do ya whole album,” he spits.

The dynamic duo link up again on “Triple Threat,” they’re second single which they dropped last night. This time out Missy and Tim pay homage to the late Pimp C by reworking his “smokin’ out, pouring up” lyric from Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’” on the track’s hook. “Missy and I throw it up, keep that liter off in my cup,” Timbo hollers on the hook.

On her 16, the “The Rain” MC goes even harder to prove that she is still a certified crown holder in rap. “Guess who’s back, yup I’m the best/ I’m that chick, ’cause I’m a triple threat/ 250 mil who can top that? I’ll slap whoever say I’m irrelevant,” she spits.

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