Michelle Obama Shows Dr. Oz How To 'Dougie'

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The Dougie really is the dance that will not quit. Two years after Cali Swag District made the dance a household name, the First Lady is taking the dance to a new level. Michelle Obama recently visited the Dr. Oz show and showed the talk show host how she does The Dougie.

"We do a lot of turning on the radio and dancing," said Michelle about dancing with her daughters Sasha and Malia as a form of working out. The First Lady was on the daytime medical advice show to promote her Let's Move Campaign.

Michelle Obama Teaches Dr. Oz How To Do The Dougie

In other Obama news, Beyonce and Jay-Z are hosting a fundraiser for President Obama's reelection in NYC. Entertainment Weekly confirmed yesterday (September 11) that Hov and wife Beyoncé will host a fundraiser for President Obama at the rapper's 40/40 Club in Manhattan next Tuesday. The president will be in attendance at the 100-guest event, with ticket prices hitting $40,000 per guest. Reportedly, it will be Obama's last fundraising event in New York City before the November 6 election.

The Carters and Obamas have a long history. On September 1, during his Made in America music festival performance in Philadelphia, Jay rolled out a special message from the POTUS on the big screen as tens of thousands of fans cheered on. "To me, the idea of America is that no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from, you can make it if you try. Jay-Z did it," the Prez said in the pre-taped message. "He didn't come from power or privilege. He got ahead because he worked hard, learned from his mistakes and just plain refused to quit. That's what 'made in America' means."

In July, wife Beyoncé released a video showcasing her continued support for first lady Michelle Obama and her husband. "Michelle is the ultimate example of a truly strong African-American," Beyoncé said in the clip. "She is a caring mother, she's a loving wife, while at the same time she is the First Lady!"