Watch 2 Chainz Play Basketball, Entertain The Crowd In High School

By Miranda Johnson

Although 2 Chainz saw his popularity spike in the last year, some fans might be surprised to know that Tauheed Epps was even getting the crowd rocking in his high school days as a dancing starting forward on his H.S basketball team in College Park, GA. See footage after the jump.

Formerly a basketball star on his North Clayton High School team, ESPN recently stumbled upon footage where a teenage Chainz not only catches the W against the opposing team but also busts out some dance moves as well. As the starting forward in the 1995 game against Banneker High School, a chainless Epps scored 14 points and lands one heck of a dunk. Then in celebration of both the win and his impressive shot, 2 Chainz serves the crowd with a little Bankhead bounce to seal off the win.

Fast forward to the present, 2 Chainz still proclaims himself to be a pretty smoove dancer with his confidence in his moves even leading to a bit of a dancing tiff with Big Sean. "Swerve? Swerve, it's only one move. I got multiple moves," Chainz responded in protest to Sean’s claim of him being the supreme dancer. "I would take the swerve and I would make that into something else. He has to build up on his dance moves. I have more than one move."