What Inspired Chris Brown's Neck Tattoo?

This is a big week in celebrity tattoos that we don't really understand. Rihanna's huge under-boob tattoo of the goddess Isis (a tribute to her late Gran Dolly) was the talk of the town yesterday but Chris Brown's new neck tattoo is also demanding some attention.

The black and white ink seems to depict a woman's face (or possibly a mask) half of which has been slightly disfigured. Until Brown explains it himself it's difficult to know what exactly he was trying to capture, but both he and his ex have take some risque moves with permanent body art in the past few days. Fans on Twitter weighed in on Chris' new ink, taking guesses as to what he was trying to portray, especially in light of some suggestive headlines.


Struggling to comprehend this. Chris Brown gets a tattoo of a beaten woman on his neck


You would think a guy like Chris Brown, could get an amazing tattoo artist but yet his new neck tattoo looks so bad. Like a hood job.


I thought my hatred for Chris Brown had peaked until he had his new neck tattoo - a beaten woman - new levels of hate


Chris Brown's new tattoo is jokes!


I'm going to get a tattoo of Chris Brown's face with Rihanna's beaten up face on it put on my neck.


Why has chris brown got a tattoo of a beaten up woman's (rihanna's) face on his neck... #psychotic


omg!!!! y has chris brown got a #tattoo of a beaten up woman which looks identical to the one of rihanna...i mean c'mon really???