Chris Lighty's Death Doesn't Affect 50 Cent's Feud With Fat Joe

(stars say goodbye to Chris Lighty)
Chris Lighty was buried in New York last week after a funeral service that placed 50 Cent and Fat Joe in the same room for the first time in recent history, but the G-Unit CEO has made it clear that his manager's death won't motivate him to end his beef with Joe or any other foes.

50 sat down for an interview on  "The Ricky Smiley Morning Show" via HipHopDx where he addressed the possibility of making nice with his enemies. "Nah. You know what I think? A lot of times it's people who choose not to like you," Fif said. "Regardless, they could be across the street from you, they don't have to have a conversation or have anything to be a source of why they feel that way about you. You can't fix it in conversation with some of these people so I don't even look to resolve any of that. I just move forward without focusing on it."

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50 skyrocketed from his Southside Jamaica hood where he was notorious for leading the boys in blue at the 103rd precinct on motorcycle chases to negotiating million dollar deals in the corporate offices donning bulletproof vests. Soon after inking a deal with Eminem and Dr. Dre and the millions began to roll in 50 never left the vest at home and right beside him also sporting the Kevlar was his manager (“real s--t, this n---a had the vest on with us Ha ready for whatever) tweeted G-Unit affiliate and music executive Sha Money XL after Lightys death.

As 50’s stock grew so did his squabbles with other rappers. JadakissNas, and Fat Joewere just a few to name who were at odds with the new King of New York. Fat Joe and Fif went to war and many had concerns that the deeper-than-rap beef had potential to spill into the streets, but other than a run in at the MTV Video Music Awards the two never crossed paths. Until last week. 50, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo who joined Fif in his lyrical attacks and Fat Joe all peacefully attended Lighty's funeral services as expected. Both 50 and Fat Joe were managed by Lighty and credit him with being an important part of their successful careers.

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