Drake Enjoyed Kevin Hart's VMA Jokes About Chris Brown Brawl

Before the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards rolled around on Thursday night Kevin Hart warned viewers that no celebrity would be off limits and he wasn't kidding. Early in his speech Hart took aim at a few stars including Frank Ocean and Kanye West, but he spent a solid amount of time poking fun at Chris Brown and Drake for their club brawl. Hart had his own explanation for what had really gone down.

Hart encouraged Drake and Breezy to "nip it in the bud," explaining that Drake was only trying to recycle--because Canadians are passionate about recycling--and the bottle only hit Chris by accident.

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"Drake is from Canada. Drake loves to recycle. Drake thought that there was a recycle bin in Chris' section. He threw the bottle," Hart said, breaking it down from his perspective. "Chris didn't see it, because he was dancing," joked Hart. "When he whipped his head up, he got hit with the bottle. Drake was like, 'My bad, the bin!' Chris was like, 'You called me a b----?' And Drake was like, 'No! The bin!' That fight was over a mistake!"

When the cameras cut to Drake in the crowd he seemed to be enjoying Hart's bit, but we wonder if Chris Brown was equally entertained? Drake and Chris Brown weren't seated too far from each other at the show and almost crossed paths.

As for Frank Ocean, Hart also had some insight on the moment the Odd Future singer decided to open up about his sexuality. Apparently, Ocean accidentally outted himself by singing "I've been thinking about you, Leroy," instead of "Lisa" during a recording session...and things just spiraled from there. "Not everybody can do that, but Frank Ocean did. And for that, I commend you, Frank," said Hart to uproarious applause. "I salute you, sir."