Shyne Calls On Pusha T For 'Meyer Lansky' Verse

By Miranda Johnson

Shyne links with Pusha T on his latest effort, "Meyer Lansky." Although Pusha laces the track with a hot verse, the praise for Shyne's contribution to the song hasn't received equal praise.

On top of the fairly hard beat both Shyne and Pusha detail survival in the street life with Pusha rapping, “ I guess it comes with the territory, when every real ni--a in the city is betting on me." The chorus plays,"dark shades, Eazy E.,g angland, East side, Real B”, with the former Bad Boy star singing--or more like shouting--the hook.

Throughout the cut Shyne also makes quite a few not so favorable references to Diddy. Spitting, “Fresh out the prison, where the welcome at?” he speaks of the once mended fences between himself and the mogul that recently suffered another breach.

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