Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap: A Proposal

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The second half of the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion began with group therapy. Joseline, Mimi and Stevie continue to argue over their strange love triangle. Stevie claims that he's not currently dating Joseline. "We're not together. I actually use him for his sex and his money," agrees Joseline.

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Stevie then breaks down his famous bus analogy saying that women are messing with him only because he's an industry veteran with miles on his wheels. Despite all the drama, Joseline says that she's still "on the bus" while Mimi is not.

We then see a dramatic moment between Joseline and her parents, that didn't make it on air, in which the usually hardened Jos says that her family didn't take care of her growing up. The former stripper then reveals that Stevie is the only person who has taken care of her. Heavy.

Erica, Scrappy and Shay then take the stage to share their love triangle. Scrappy says that he's not "a good judge of character" when it comes to love. The so-called platonic best friend, Shay, is clearly angry that Scrappy and Erica seem to be on good terms. Host Mona Scott at one point even chastises Shay to sit down and shut up. Ouch. The two women continue to fight and then Mama Dee turns the mood light by crowning her son, the "Prince of the South," with an actual plastic crown. Awww. Scrappy apologizes to Shay for lying to her and stringing her along because they clearly smashed. Shay storms off the set and we're left just confused.

Out of nowhere, Scrappy then proposes to Erica and the crowd goes wild. Even Mama Dee beams with pride. "If it don't work it's cool but is you gonna marry a n---a?" Scrappy asks Erica, who accepts the spontaneous outburst. Awwww! Romance is alive in Atlanta!

Other cast members including Benzino, K. Michelle and Rasheeda then muse about their own relationship ups and downs from the season. Karlie reveals that the night Benzino proposed, she found a naked girl at the rapper's home, but Benzino says the relationship is "Finito" so that's that. Rasheeda and Kirk talk about their arrangement and Rash says that she chose "love" over business. Happy endings all around.