Nicki Minaj’s 'American Idol' Judging Gig Held Up By Pepsi?

By Miranda Johnson

If the rumors are true, Nicki Minaj may end up as a judge on the upcoming season of "American Idol." Word is that "Idol" execs really want to nab Queen Barb for their 12th season, with hopes that the combination of Minaj and now confirmed host Mariah Carey will cause a ratings spike. So what’s holding things up you ask?

The New York Post reports that Nicki’s deal with Pepsi has caused a road block for the YMCMB rapper due to the fact that "Idol" is sponsored by their top competitor, Coca-Cola. As the face of their “Live For Now” global ad campaign and the top sponsor for her international Pink Friday Reloaded tour, Pepsi is not letting Minaj ink this potential contract so easily.

Minaj's reps are apparently hashing out how to get around the sticky cola issue, with reports saying that “Idol” execs want to announce Minaj as a judge as soon as possible, before the auditions start filming in the next week or two. Sources told the Post that producers “want to see that drama between Nicki and Mariah Carey. It'll make for good TV."