Flo Rida Urging Fans To Vote In Upcoming Election

By Jose Iniguez

Selling digital copies of hit after hit is one thing Flo Rida has been able to do better than other rappers. But it’s an election year and moving units isn’t the only stat Flo is worried about. Inspired by Diddy and Jay-Z, he wants to do his part and make sure voter turnout amongst young Americans is high enough to make them heard. During a listening party of his latest album, Wild Ones, hosted by Arjan Writes of ArjanWrites.com, the Florida native talked with MTV Act about his plans to rally Miami youth.

“You always want to have a choice. If [eligible voters] are not aware of it, you’re going to lose that chance to speak your mind. I’ve decided that me and my team, I’m trying to rally some things to get involved in the voting process,” he explained. “Being inspired by what Diddy and Jay-Z did, I want to start [get out the vote efforts] down in Miami and get things going because it's definitely important."

Back during the 2000 election, Diddy aimed to make voting trendy with his Vote Or Die campaign. And before Rock The Vote was Rock The Vote, it was Rap The Vote in 1992 with backing in the rap game from Jay-Z to Public Enemy.

Head over to MTV Act for Flo Rida’s full interview. And remember that you have the power to decide the outcome of the 2012 Election. Register to vote with MTV Power of 12’s super easy registration tool!

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