2 Chainz Debuts Trippy 'Birthday Song' Video With Kanye West

2 Chainz tapped Kanye West's DONDA collective to design his Based on A T.R.U. Story artwork and he also nabbed one of Ye's favorite directors Andreas Nilsson to create his "Birthday Song" video. The Atlanta rapper has described the clip as "trippy" and it's clear that he and Nilsson exchanged ideas to create the final cut.During a recent visit to "RapFix Live" 2 Chainz admitted that he and Nilsson initially had very different concepts for the video, but they collaborated to make it work. The birthday celebration begins in 2 Chainz's crib, with family and a birthday cake in the shape of a butt with candles on it, which we're inclined to credit to 2 Chainz. His backyard and the block party outside are not out of the ordinary, filled with well-endowed woman (refer to the song's hook for an accurate description) who enjoy trailing Kanye West, but the creepy clown who eventually gets assaulted and the random contortionist on the sidewalk seem more like Nilsson's kind of thing.

"It's very trippy," 2 Chainz said of the clip. "I actually let Kanye's director shoot it ... and we were on the phone going over the treatment. I was just being conceptual. It's called 'Birthday Song,' so what do you think [of]? I think cake, balloons, candles, normal birthday stuff, but this guy just goes up the street, turns left and just keeps going left. He's telling me something like, 'I think it'd be nice if we put a cupcake on a girl's butt and shoot it off in fast motion, then blow up the cupcake.' So I said, 'Bro, come back home, come back!' "

"Trippy" is an accurate description of the video, which blends some standard elements of a hip-hop video with oddball visuals that make it out of the ordinary.

2 Chainz dropped his debut album Based on a T.R.U. Story on August 14.