Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion: Part 1 Recap

On Monday night (August 27) fans got their first taste of the reunion special for VH1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." Part 1 of the explosive sit-down certainly didn't disappoint, with executive producer Mona Scott-Young hosting. Key moments included these showdowns: K. Michelle vs. Rasheeda, K. Michelle vs. Karlie Redd, Stevie J vs. Scrappy and Mimi vs. Joseline.

During the season finale K. Michelle and Rasheeda were already at odds, with Rasheeda taking aim at K. Michelle and accusing her of fabricating the details of her domestic abuse case. In part 1 of the finale, K. Michelle, once and for all, comes right out and asks Rasheeda if she believes that the whole thing is made up, to which Rasheed replies with a yes and the two almost come to blows.

Still, that wasn't the end of K. Michelle's beef for the night. She also butted heads with foe Karlie Redd with the two throwing daggers at each other, even continuing to make fun of each other's appearances (down to their teeth).

As for Stevie J? There was obviously no way for him to stay out of the drama, and when questioned about the details of his fight with Scrappy earlier in the season, things got sticky. An edited version of the fight was aired, and Scrappy later claimed that he did hit Stevie J resulting in a hospital visit for the producer, which Stevie vehemently denied. With each party maintaining that their side of the story was correct, a heated argument (and no solution) was inevitable.

As for Stevie J's artist/girlfriend/sidepiece Joseline? She got into it with the producer's longtime girlfriend Mimi when talk of her pregnancy came up. While Joseline accused Stevie J of screwing them both over, Mimi still tried to maintain that he has treated her better and defends sticking with him for 15 years.