Snoop Dogg: Hip-Hop Can Finally Accept A Gay Rapper

Times are changing and veterans like Snoop Dogg are rolling with it. The West Coast native is confident that the hip-hop community is ready to embrace an openly gay rapper, something he admits would've been near impossible during his early years in the game.

In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune via HipHopDx, Snoop shared his thoughts on homosexuality in hip-hop. "People are learning how to live and get along more, and accept people for who they are and not bash them or hurt them because they’re different," he said.

The Doggfather (now known as Snoop Lion, FYI) referenced Frank Ocean's recent and brave decision to open up about his sexuality, adding, "When I was growing up, you could never do that and announce that. There would be so much scrutiny and hate and negativity, and no one would step (forward) to support you because that’s what we were brainwashed and trained to know."

Rappers like T.I. and Jay-Z have expressed their support for Obama's pro stance on gay marriage, with T.I. telling Sway Calloway on a recent episode of "RapFix Live" that he saw no reason to fight the progression. "I think that if a matter doesn't affect your daily life, you shouldn't take a hard stand on it," he said. "If it's not something that directly affects you, if it doesn't affect you, what difference does it make to you what other people are doing with their lives?"