Jaden Smith Channels Drake In 'Starry Room' Confession

By Bryant Gilmore

Being the son of one of Hollywood’s most famous power couples can certainly get you a ticket to the good life. Hit movies, duets with Justin Bieber, and an ambassadorship to help children affected with AIDS in Africa, but it can’t always get you true love as Jaden Smith has found out. In a new song called “Starry Room” posted online today, the 14-year-old raps over a piano-based beat that is reminiscent of Drake’s hit "Marvin’s Room." Listen below.

via Rap-Up

The song actually has that same confessional type of vibe of "Marvin’s Room" as Jaden also apologizes to a particular girl, believed to be Stella Hudgens – the aspiring actress and younger sister of Vanessa Hudgens from "High School Musical," who Jaden dated.

Also in the song, Jaden says that his experience with girls is so vast that he can’t even remember when his first girlfriend came along but he thinks it’s around age eight. He has come a long way in six years and now he’s ready to settle down and find the one for him. Good luck on that quest for the one, Jaden.

Listen to the song and tell us what you think: