Fat Joe Drops 'Pride N Joy' Video With Kanye West, Jadakiss And Busta Rhymes

By Rob Markman

You’d think a track featuring Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss and DJ Khaled would be a rap free-for-all, but Fat Joe rounded up some of the game’s most spirited spitters for something a little more subdued, then he got the all-star crew together again for a sexy video.

On Sunday (August 26) Joe Crack premiered his “Pride N Joy” music video on MTV 2’s “Sucker Free” and the Hype Williams-directed clip did not disappoint. The song’s visual centers around a petite yet shapely model who the Don Cartagena showers with expensive gifts like a Rolls Royce Phantom and stylish Louboutin heels. Money is clearly not an object as Joe, Yeezy and the rest of the gang sing “And even if she all about the money I don’t really care,” in thug harmony.

"We was all in there together and it was an ill vibe," the Terror Squad leader told MTV News in June, describing the scene in the studio. "We brought the microphone outside the studio and no Styrofoam [sound proofing] and everybody together just going in."

Joe originally described the recording session as an A Tribe Called Quest/Native Tongues type vibe, but the video is much more sophisticated as Hype blends blue and purple-tinted hues making street-bred MCs like Jadakiss come off as a Romeo. Roscoe Dash and singer Miguel add an R&B vibe and help marry Crack’s rap bars to the piano-laden beat. Even Joe’s old “What’s Luv” collaborator Ashanti makes an appearance in curve-hugging, leopard-print pants, but Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) is noticeably absent.

Simple and not over done, “Pride N Joy” is a clear continuation of the Fat Gangsta’s grown man vibe that he brought forth on his last single “Another Round” with Chris Brown. What a joyous occasion.

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