Lupe Fiasco Boycotts Spin Over 'Bitch Bad' Reviews

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Lupe Fiasco is fuming over negative reviews of his new song and video for "Bitch Bad," which he premiered on this week's "RapFix Live," calling his fans to boycott the outlet that published them, Spin.

Yesterday, Spin ran a scathing review of "Bitch Bad" in which writer Brandon Soderberg called the visual, "the umpteenth example of so-called 'conscious' hip-hop replacing one type of misogyny with another." Soderberg goes on to call it a shallow attempt at starting real feminist discourse. "Lazily leaning on the idea that this moronic video exists to 'start a conversation,' excuses Lupe and [video director] Green from putting something together that you know, coheres."

Earlier this summer, another writer tore into the "Bitch Bad" song and dubbed it "counterproductive" in explaining misogyny. "The worst part is that Lupe's clumsily didactic attempt to restore hip-hop consciousness comes at a time when other rappers have shown you don't have to be a scold to have a moral center. From Das Racist and BBU to Killer Mike and Big K.R.I.T., more and more MCs are remembering how to make rap that has a political charge without sounding like Tipper Gore," it read.

Lupe regards the critiques as unfair targeting and now he's urging fans to boycott the publication. "And now that you have my attention?@notrivia I intend to do my best to expose you and your publication 4 ur actions?#BoycottSpinMagazine," he tweeted. He went on to share the publication’s address and a link to the emails of the corporate parent company, BuzzMedia. “Demand a higher standard of music journalism NOT sensational personal attacks on artists for the sake of website visits ?#BoycotSpinMagazine”