Beanie Sigel Thinks Taxes Should Be Illegal

By Rob Markman

Beanie Sigel isn’t the first rapper to get into tax trouble and he probably won’t be the last, while the Broad Street Bully did plead guilty to failure to file tax charges, he has an interesting take on the whole institution of taxes.

The former Roc-A-Fella spitter, who is set to release his new album This Time on August 28, believes taxes are illegal. "I don't know, in certain people's cases, like me, I think it's flat-out illegal. Taxes is illegal. You shouldn't be able to tax income," he said when he appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday (August 22).

Sig went on to attempt to illustrate his point. "If I fix your roof and you wanna pay me in 20 pounds of bananas, do you think Uncle Sam wants 45 percent of my bananas," he tried to reason. "But because you paying me $400,000 in currency he wants a part of that, but my mom don't got no brother named Sam, so I don't have no Uncle Sam."

Beans went on to liken himself to the legendary mobster Al Capone, who was linked to a Chicago-based crime syndicate in the 1920s. He was said to be involved in bootlegging, prostitution and murder, but it was tax evasion that the storied gangster was ultimately convicted of. "I was Al Capone," Beanie said. "You can't get me on this, you gonna get me on that, can't get me on that, so you know the Al Capone story — taxes."

In August, Sigel pleaded guilty to tax charges and on September 12 the Philadelphia MC is expected to turn himself in to begin a two-year prison bid, though he alluded that things may change. "You never know man. I acquired a group of friends in high places that's working on some things for me, so we'll see," he told Sway

U.S. prosecutors estimated that the rapper owes approximately $350,000 on $1 million of unreported income between 2003 and 2005. Sigel says he was locked up for a good portion of that time period and couldn't conduct his business freely. "The years that they charged me for failure to file taxes is years that I was incarcerated," he said. "When you incarcerated in a federal facility, you're not allowed to conduct any business at all. So I couldn't file taxes or do anything in those years '04, '05, because I was in jail."

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