E-40 & Too Short Banned From Mountain View, CA Performance

By Carter Maness

So much for respect across the Bay Area. After performing at last weekend's Rock The Bells festival in San Bernardino, Bay legends E-40 and Too Short have apparently been banned from performing at the tour's stop in Mountain View, CA.

E-40 revealed the ban in an interview with Fuse, saying that the city explicitly prohibited a performance from him and Too Short. "I'm not even going to be there," he said. "They can't even give us an excuse or nothing. They can't say nothing. They don't even know why they won't let us perform."

40 continued, saying that it was an insult to be banned from performing on "our own soil" with no valid reasoning. He's also disappointed because his collaborative performance with Too Short last weekend was "classical."

"The energy? It's electrifying in that thang, man. Turnt up," he said. "I love every minute of it. I love to see my fans with a smile on they face. I love to be performing."

The show must go on, though. Rock The Bells will hit the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View this weekend (August 25-26) minus the Bay Area heavy-hitters.

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