Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Finale: Breakups And Proposals

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Tables turned on last night's season finale of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" as some of our favorite women closed this chapter in their lives and moved on.

Erica and Lil' Scrappy both decided to put their romantic relationship on hold and focus on their daughter. Scrappy returns to being a single mama's boy and we find out that Erica not only bought a new home but she's kind of dating the Italian realtor who sold her it. Score.

Karlie Redd and Benzino's steamy affair takes a surprising twist. After much soul-searching and rumors that she's going on dates with other artists (like Roscoe Dash), Zino proposes to Karlie. When she asks him if he's sure about taking this lifelong commitment, not even Benzino can fake it any longer. He rescinds his proposal and the two of them are over. At least we'll have all those PDA-filled memories from this season. Can we expect a Karlie Redd and Roscoe Dash collaboration in the near future?

K Michelle and Rasheeda keep arguing about K's ex, who Rasheeda doesn't believe physically abused her. "HE is a con artist!" screamed K. Michelle but Rasheeda defends her friend. K insinuates that she has proof that she will let it all lose if continued to be provoked. Guess these two will never be besties. K says she's working on herself for now while Rasheeda renews her vows and looks forward to the next chapter of bliss with Kirk.

Stevie J continues to juggle Mimi and Joseline for much of the episode. Wearing an "I Am God" t-shirt, Stevie walks into group therapy. We learn that Stevie is an even worse philanderer than we thought; he had sex with Joseline's best friend in HER bed. Oh, did we mention that Joseline was WATCHING the whole ordeal? Apparently, Joseline likes women. Joseline decides to take Stevie the way he is. As long as she gets her money and her (musical) beats, Jos is one happy camper. We even see Stevie's next victim, er artist, named Che Mack. Stevie introduces Joseline to Che, while giving Che a sensual hand massage, and tries to get them to do a song together. This might be code for something sexual, given Stevie's track record.

Despite Joseline's carefree attitude, Mimi finally sees that she can't live the crazy Stevie J. life and tells her man that she's done with him. No really, Mimi is DONE. The revelation falls on deaf ears as Stevie doesn't seem convinced. "Will Mimi ever leave me? It aint' happening," says Stevie with a devilish, psycho-stalker grin. For him, its a never-ending cycle and he's in control. He likens himself to a bus driver always dropping off and picking up different women. All aboard until next season!