Chief Keef Denies Dissing Lil Wayne In Barbershop Video

Apparently what happens in the barber shop doesn't necessarily stay in the barber shop. On Monday (August 20) a distorted video of Chief Keef began to circulate, which seemed to find the 17-year-old expressing his distaste for Lil Wayne and calling him a 'homo,' but the Chicago rapper has since taken to Twitter to defend himself.

After a few listens of the subpar audio Keef seems to say something along the lines of, "Lil Wayne I ain't cool with him...I don't like Lil Wayne." and the word "homo" is throw out, but apparently that's not what really happened?

From Chief Keef's Twitter account: "Lmao I Have Nothin Against Wayne He's Richer So Why Wud I Ima Real Nigga I'm Not Da One Dat Said #He'sHomo So Hop Off My Dick #Drillinois" followed by a retweet from @NipseyHussle "If u ever asked a ni--a 4 a verse...Then don't get it and then turn around and diss Tha same ni--a.... U A hoe!” #RealNi---."

Ok, so no shots were fired. But the real question is, who's filming these barbershop videos?

Last week Keef made headlines for a tweet directed at Kanye West that he later deleted, in reference to his hit "I Don't Like" which Kanye remixed and added more starpower to. "@kanyewest ain't do sh-- for me Hoppin on da song wasn't enuff I made myself hot #300 all by myself." Way to build relationships.