Wiz Khalifa And 2 Chainz Film ‘It’s Nothing’ Video, Get ‘Skyscraper High’

By Miranda Johnson

When Wiz Khalifa raps, “You ni---s chasin’ money, I’m on top of it/If it ain’t money don’t know what the topic is,” on his 2 Chainz-featured single “It’s Nothing,” he’s definitely speaking for the both of them. With Wiz wrapping up his run on the Under the Influence of Music tour and 2 Chainz just dropping his debut LP Based on a T.R.U. Story last week, the two still managed to make time to link up and shoot the video.

“S/o To My Bro ?@2chainz For Droppin An Awesome Album, Promotin It Like A Boss, And Still Makin It To Shoot The Video For Its Nothin,” Wiz tweeted yesterday along with a photo of him and 2 Chainz on set.

However, aside from “Stackin’ cheese till my bread right,” the two also took some time to do what they do best—according to Wiz—“smoke weed till my head right.” Both rappers later tweeted about their extra curricula activities that went down at the shoot. “Get Based On A T.R.U Story And Try To Smoke As Much As We Did Before Noon In An Entire Day,” Wiz wrote, while 2 Chainz later chimed in by tweeting out, “Skyscraper HIGH” along with an instagram photo of him and Mr. Taylor Gang.

With 2 Chainz just releasing Based on a T.R.U. Story last week and Wiz Khalifa dropping his sophomore album O.N.I.F.C next month, it’s a wonder these two find time to fit anything else on their plates.