Nas Deals With Divorce In 'Bye Baby' Video Trailer

When Nas revealed the cover for his Life is Good album back in June, he did so via a trailer which explained why his ex-wife's green wedding dress was draped across his lap in the artwork. Now, his upcoming video for the single "Bye Baby" (which addresses his tumultuous relationship with the R&B singer) will take things a step further.

Nas shot the full video this past week and a new trailer finds the Queens rapper coming face to face with Kelis' wedding dress as he walks through an empty apartment, indicating the period immediately after they split and dealt with divorce.

During his album release party in NYC, Nas told MTV News that segments of the album were definitely inspired by his ex. "The record is dedicated to Kelis, my ex-wife; it's also dedicated to my daughter Destiny," Nas said. "It's also dedicated to all the people that like the '90s sound or really love hip-hop. So this one is from the heart."