Rasheeda Calls K. Michelle A 'Fraud' For Domestic Abuse Allegations

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The tension between cast members on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" has boiled over between Rasheeda and K. Michelle. According to Rasheeda, K. Michelle’s allegations that her ex-boyfriend, executive Memphitz, was abusive towards her are completely false. Rasheeda is close friends with Memphitz and his current wife, Toya (formerly Lil’ Wayne’s wife), and wanted to set the record straight.

The YBF shares a lengthy statement that Rasheeda blasted which included, “I find it real sad how this desperate rat Fake.Michelle can’t keep my name out her mouth…Everything you say is violent. You keep preaching about being abused but threatening to abuse others. You hit Karlie in the head with some silverware, she should of pressed charges against your ass. But my point here is, we are witnessing you physically & verbally abusing several women via interviews, blogs & twitter bullying and it’s a sad ass shame for someone who is claiming to be a victim. You’re playing the public trying to make them think you were abused but we know that story has a lot of holes in it….Its a shame you trying to sell this old ass story but keep threatening to hurt others in the process….As far as any woman who has been a victim of domestic violence my heart goes out to you all and I wish you nothing but the best but this chick right here is a F---ING FRAUD!!”

K took to Twitter and said, “It would b fun2offer Georgia Prune a verbal lashing, but truth is she needs 2fight with me 2even come back next season.So Ill pass” and “That grandmother is mad chile. why u mad ur gonna make ur first blog this season cuz of me! U owe me and this is the thanks I get?” which many saw as a response to Rasheeda.

Last week, fans saw the two women argue over this very topic on the show. The drama continues…