UK Video Of The Week: Young Spray - 'Came Up'

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Artist Name: Young Spray

Location: London, UK

Musical Style: "It’s UK hip-hip with an in-depth reflection of the society that we live in."

"Most of my inspiration came from when I was in prison. I used to just write to pass the time, but it wasn’t anything serious. When I came out, one day I just started spitting some of the rhymes that I wrote in jail to my friend, and he kept on telling me to go to the studio. Big up Taylor," Young Spray tells RapFix, speaking on his start out in music. Young Spray, who is also a member of the Northstar group, is one rapper whose rise to UK rap fame I’ve been following like a true fan, especially when his Still Realer Than Most Vol. 2 mixtape landed in 2009 (see: Destined For Greatness).

Like you guys have your gangsta rappers, oh, we have ours too. Everything isn’t all tea, crumpets and Kate Middleton in Great Britain, I'll have you know – we also have hoods, ghettos and daily struggles, and that is exactly what Young Spray passionately portrays in his music. "If you don’t get my reality, then my music is not for you," says Spray. "I make music for people who are in a similar struggle to me, if not worse, who don’t feel like there’s a way out. I’m a spokesman for the people in the struggle."

Since 2009, fans have been chomping at the bit for a new Young Spray CD, but he wasn’t in the position to release any music due to being incarcerated. Fresh out of the bin, the rapper finally got his act together, booked out a studio and recorded a 20-track mixtape in the form of Realer Than Most Vol. 3, which he released earlier this year. With a new management team guiding him, Young Spray will now be able to share his stories in a much more professional manner, which will enable him to stand alongside other previously featured artists in this column.

"I’m trying to keep my head down and focus on my music," he says. "Look out for my Hard2Kill Vol. 2 mixtape, which will be out on August 27. I’m also busy working on my debut album, with the first single being M.I.A. – featuring Ayo Beatz. Oh, and I can’t forget my Realer Than Most clothing line, too. 2013 is looking really positive." This week’s "UK Video Of The Week" comes from Young Spray, with "Came Up." Over a smooth, almost MMG-like production, Spray gets straight to the point about how he came up through the hood ranks. Raw!

RapFix’s "UK Video Of The Week" is a new weekly column by UK-based music journalist, Joseph 'JP' Patterson, designed to give us a closer look at hip-hop across the pond. Stay tuned.


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