N.W.A. Biopic Begins Filming With Help From Dr. Dre, Ice Cube

via Dr. Dre Twitter

By Bryant Gilmore

Back in March, Ice Cube told MTV News that the upcoming NWA biopic was still in its early stages. The West Coast  rapper revealed that they were working to book people for both in front and behind of the camera to bring the long-awaited film to life, and at that time, the script was about 75 percent done. But based on a Twitpic posted on Dr. Dre’s account yesterday, it looks like they have chosen the right man for directing the project.

Cube’s long-time friend and collaborator F. Gary Gray, whose film credits include the first "Friday," "Set it Off," "The Italian Job", and "Law Abiding Citizen" is up for the job.

Gray is also a prominent music video director who has helmed classics for artists including TLC, OutKast, Ice Cube, R. Kelly, and the late Whitney Houston. His most recent video work was directing "Super High" for Rick Ross in 2010. We will keep you updated as more details about the project emerge but with Cube and Dre this close to the movie and F. Gary Gray behind the camera, we know the movie’s gonna be on point and the soundtrack is gonna be crazy.

NWA was a pioneer rap group from Compton, whose vivid lyrics spotlighted what life was like as young black man from the inner city. The group’s breakthrough debut, Straight Outta Compton, sold over 3 million copies and they endured controversy for their hit songs, "F--- Da Police," "Express Yourself," and "Appetite for Destruction." Ice Cube and Dre left the group in the early 90s and went on to have successful careers but tragically founder and producer, Eazy-E, died in March of 1995 of AIDS-related complications and the group disbanded shortly after that.