Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: K. Michelle Reaches Breaking Point With Rasheeda

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

On Monday night's (13) episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," indecision filled the air. Scrappy and Erica toyed with the idea of reconciling (Can these two keep their paws off each other?) to which Momma Dee flatly rejected the idea. At one point, the former pimp even called Erica a "BICTH. Always keeping it classy, Momma Dee.

Karlie Redd grappled with her own relationship with Benzino and confided in--who else-- her new bff Joseline. Joseline imparted some pseudo-sage advice and told Karlie that they need to play their men, Zino and Stevie, in the same way they are getting played. Despite the lovey dovey act we have seen in weeks past, Zino is struggling with his relationship with Karlie, citing her over-commitment to her career as the main cause of their issues. For Benzino, Karlie should focus on their relationship and not extracurriculars like recording and listening to her managers. Eventually, the two air out their issues and Benzino admits to being the jealous type.

In a less stellar relationship, Stevie J continued to balance his two women, Mimi and Joseline. The producer is now staying with Zino (roomies!) but continues to have relationships with Jos and Mimi. Sigh, will this triangle ever end? In Stevie's mind, he wants the two women to coexist with him sandwiched in the middle. Despite Benzino's attempts at cooling the flames, Stevie seems set in his crooked ways.

Fans saw K. Michelle reach her breaking point. Following a monologue about her domestic violence experience, K and Rasheeda have a sit down during with Rasheeda essentially calls K a liar. Rasheeda has mended her issues with Kirk and the two are planning to renew their wedding vows, conveniently timed to next week's season finale. Rasheeda is close friends with K. Michelle's ex (and supposed assailant) and feels that some of what is being said has been exaggerated. K understandably gets hysteric and says she has texts saved that prove her allegations. Further, she may even sell those texts to a blog (We can only hope we get first dibs). The singer storms out and we're left with so many unanswered questions.

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