Mimi Punches Stevie J For Joseline Comment While On Date

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By Miranda Johnson

It seems as though Stevie J is getting a little too comfortable within his ongoing love triangle fiasco. On a recent outing with his “main chick” Mimi, not only did the producer have the nerve to bring up the name of his “side chick” Joseline but he thought it appropriate to joke about it as well. However funny or not, Mimi was not having it that night, returning Stevie’s words with an instant blow to the chest.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Gets Animated And Spoofed

Following several sightings both in LA and NYC with Joseline, Stevie chose to wine and dine his girlfriend Mimi last night in LA. While outside the restaurant the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” couple had a run in with TMZ that went from 0 to 10 in a matter of seconds. After asking several questions, the camera man asked “who would win in a fight--either Basketball Wives or Rapper Wives?”.

Stevie then replied with an unexpected answer of "Joseline & Mimi," which a near by Mimi didn’t seem to find too funny. Pissed by his insensitivity of the situation, Mimi tore a page out of Joseline’s book attacking Stevie with her fist. She then took his cigarette and stormed off but by recent observation it's certain Stevie J found a way or two to get her to come back.