Rihanna Not 'Badass' Like Oprah Expected

By Miranda Johnson

After admitting that prior to the interview she had her “own ideas” about who Rihanna was, Oprah shares that the pop star is much less of the "badass" than she anticipated, painting her much more like the girl next door. Oprah visited Rih in her native Barbados, describing her as a thoughtful, emotional, and vulnerable young woman just trying to enjoy life amidst the fame.

Set to appear on an upcoming segment of “Oprah’s Next Chapter," Rihanna really lets it all hang loose. Often a target for ridicule, Rih completely opened herself in the discussion with Winfrey. She gave unguarded insight into her trials and tribulations, even emotionally stating at one point “I’m super-duper afraid of the pedestal that comes with fame. It’s amazing how lonely you can feel.”

The two gals also covered Rihanna’s past and plans for her future in the sit down, with Oprah even riding passenger as Rihanna drove around her old neighborhood. “When we went back to the neighborhood this reaction surprised me. Because it wasn’t like a big super star, mega star, pop star had arrived in the neighborhood," Oprah said. "It was like “Robyn” as though she’d gone to the grocery store and came back."

Among her many wins, Rihanna was also just named the face of Barbados Tourism. Dressed in a beautiful yellow sun dress, earlier this week the pop diva flicked up a few photos for the tour board to show off the beauty of her native land.

“Oprah’s Next Chapter” with Rihanna airs August 19 at 9 p.m.