Wiz Khalifa Stands By O.N.I.F.C. Album Cover

Wiz Khalifa revealed the cover art for his O.N.I.F.C. album this week, and while he probably wasn't expecting so much backlash, the Pittsburgh rapper is standing by his artwork. On Wednesday (August 8 ) he shared a few words on Twitter.

"To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected #BossUp. Im Helpin Everyone Get In Touch With Their Inner Sleaze. If U Dnt Wanna Let It Out, Ill Express It For You," he wrote. "I'll Be Brave Enough. Onifc Is Not For The Scary. Iss About Taking Risks So The People Who Believe What We Believe In Can Feel Free The Cover Art Should Give You Confidence And Let You Know You Can Fully Be Yourself In Front Of People No Matter What They Say Or Think. You Dont Have To Hide That Shit. Let It Out!!! Thass What The Artwork Really Represents. And If Your Still Scared, I'll Do It For You. Lets All Grow Together!!!"

The album artwork finds the very-tatted rapper lounging in a black chair resembling a leather throne, donning an animal-print fur jacket over his bare chest and red, white and blue leather pants. The regal cover is fitting for Wiz's album title ("Only N---as in First Class"), chosen to highlight his success after putting in years of work. It drew immediate comparisons to Jimi Hendrix.

"The artwork, it relates to the title," Wiz told MTV News during our Hip-Hop Music Preview. "It relates to what I've been portraying and what I've been bringing to the game for the past couple of months because like I say, in my music, and like I've been saying recently, 'They stole the swag, and I don't want it back.' I had to change up things; I had to turn it up. So it's like the album artwork is just another step in the turning up."