Ryan Lochte Listens To Lil Wayne Before Swimming

Ryan Lochte took home gold at the Olympics this past weekend, but the all-star athlete has been making headlines for his diamond-encrusted grill (designed by Paul Wall), and his relationship status. His mom let slip that her son is, er, too busy for more than "one night stands," but "Love & Hip Hop Altanta" star K. Michelle, and close friend of Lochte, tells RapFix that "any girl would want to date Ryan," and she also revealed that Lil Wayne is his favorite rapper.

“He’s gorgeous, he's fun, but he's been focused on the Olympics, and I've been focused on music," K. Michelle said, when inevitably questioned about the status of her relationship with Lochte. "He doesn’t have a girlfriend, he's just the homie," she added. "He really is."

A series of tweets on the night that Lochte took home the gold medal made fans questions their involvement, but she says the two share a close bond after they were introduced by her lawyer and his manager Erika Wright (wife of Johnny Wright).

K. Michelle says that Lochte's passion for hip-hop runs deep, and he works harder than anyone she knows. "His favorite rapper is Lil Wayne," she told RapFix. "Before he swims he listens to Wayne; he loves Lil Wayne."

And what's the best advice you can get from an Olympic gold medalist? "["He's] someone that I can honestly say I look up to a lot," the R&B singer explained. "I remember talking to him, kinda crying about my music, and the greatest thing that was said was that he trains for years for one moment--you can always put out another single. And when I thought about it and I saw his dedication and to saw him win medals like it's nothing...that’s my homie. I'm proud.