2 Chainz Shares His Superpower Wish On 'Guy Code'

Being one of the most sought after rappers in the game should be power enough, but 2 Chainz, like any mere mortal, has dreams of possessing a superduperpower (that's the upgraded version of "superpower" FYI). During his appearance on the upcoming episode of MTV 2’s “Guy Code” the Atlanta rapper reveals his desire to read minds. Sounds like risky business.

“If I was able to have some type of superpower, I think it would be [to know] what people are thinking,” 2 Chainz admits. “Like I could actually see their thoughts, so we’ll probably say things at the same time. I’d just have to look them in the eyes and when I’m locked in, I could see what they’re thinking, so [people will] probably just try to wear shades around me all the time and won’t allow me to look in their eyes.”

Even if 2 Chainz was granted this superpower, he'd have plenty of trouble reading any other rapper's mind, since they eat, sleep and shower in sunglasses. Word to Ricky Rozay.

Catch "Guy Code" at 11p.m. EST on MTV 2.