Azealia Banks Beefs With Jim Jones Over 'Vamp'

By Miranda Johnson

Just one day after showing off her softer side by apologizing to former foe Kreayshawn, Azealia Banks is now back at it, with Jim Jones as her target. The quick-tempered rapper let loose on Jimmy via Twitter, in a heated exchange over "Vamp," which she claims Jim Jones did not originate.

On Monday (August 6) the two Harlem rappers went at it once Azealia tried to claim that she used the word “vamp” prior to Jimmy’s Vampire Life movement and mixtape. Azealia first tweeted "VAMP: a very sexually/financially powerful woman who is usually characterized by a penchant for dark things; nighttime, witchcraft, .. Etc.”, possibly referring to a title of a new track she’s working on? The tweet then caused a fan to jump in making Banks aware that “vampin” is Jim Jones’ thing.

After reading the tweets, Jim innocently jumped in responding “@Rahim_TheDream @AZEALIABANKS tht vamplife is contagious." However, not one to take things lightly, the “212” rapper fired back writing, “@jimjonescapo yea I know! I wrote 212 in 2011 before ur song tho. That vamp sh-- is some fashion stuff as well. In case u didn’t know.” A still-calm Jones responded, “@AZEALIABANKS u better check th credits boo we ain’t just start vampin we are vampin u r welcome to join it’s a lifestyle #vampirelife”.

The beef rose from a 2 to a 10 at this point. A now wound up Azealia wrote "@jimjonescapo don't be tryna take no credit Holmes." It was followed by Jimmy posting, "Knock it off please learn more about Harlem before u start vampin lol jokes enjoy ur day keep #vampin".

Banks responded, "UUUUUGGGGGGHHHH SHHHUTT UP!!! Who was even talking to you in the first place?! like seriously.... Stop being such a Harlem n---- right now." Jim then ended the spat with, "I am a Harlem n---- thts y u dont belong there stay in Cali wit ur fake booooogie asss make sum $ first Lrn ur shoes n bags. Tell ur mother go away ub2 bit slore."

Um, yikes.