Chris Brown Imitates Love & Hip Hop's Stevie J In Photo

By Miranda Johnson

As Stevie J’s disastrous love triangle continues to unfold before viewer’s eyes on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” more and more fans are expressing their opinions on the producer through Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. In addition to the many comments thrown toward Stevie during last night’s episode, Chris Brown chose to partake in the ridicule by posting a hilarious flick on his Instagram page, imitating ‘Stebie’s’ sinister smile.

During last night’s whirlwind episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Chris Brown decided to pose for a picture mimicking Stevie’s infamous two-teeth smile. Chris’ photo, which bore the grin that many say resembles the facial expressions of a rodent, was captioned “Stevie J face.”

Chris’ followers, who were participating in the banter as well, seemed to enjoy Breezy’s humor, commenting on with remarks like “dying laughing” and “gimme kiss,” another coined Stevie phrase.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more dramatic, episode 8 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” took things to a whole new level. After deciding that therapy was the only way to move forward, Stevie decided that Joseline should join him and Mimi for a session. Big Mistake! During the session Mimi reveals that not only does Stevie want to patch things up with her but they are also currently living together. This revelation causes Joseline to lose it and pounce on Stevie WWF style.

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