Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ep 8: Joseline Punches Stevie J, Mimi Watches

If you've waited all season for Stevie J to get what was inevitably coming to him, then it was episode 8 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" that you needed to see. When singing didn't fix things up in his relationship with Mimi, the producer decided that therapy was the way to go, but when Joseline joined him and Mimi for a session, things got ugly quickly. Punches were thrown and there were no regrets.

The punches happened to be thrown by Joseline, who had no trouble attempting to beat Stevie J to a pulp. This fight in particular began when Stevie made the decision to wipe sweat off Joseline's nose--with Mimi sitting on the other side of him--causing the doctor to call him passive aggressive.

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For the first time, this seems to suggest to Joseline that Stevie might want to continue his relationship with Mimi...and she loses it. “You guys living together?” she asks Mimi and Stevie, somewhat in disbelief. When Mimi answers in the affirmative, the beat down is almost instant. Joseline begins to assault Stevie with blows, forcing security to step in immediately, while Mimi took a moment to step back and enjoy.

“When I saw Joseline get up and WWF his ass, what was I supposed to do? I’m just gonna scoot on over and let you whack him. Get him again. Get him for me,” Mimi says later in her confessional booth, sharing a moment that must've been gratifying for every woman watching.

If it wasn't clear what Joseline's reason for wailing on Stevie was, in her words: “Two days ago 'Stebie' come knocking on my door talking about he wanna have sex...but did you forget to tell me that you got Mimi staying at your house? I’m gonna beat yo ass.”

These two seem to have patched things up since then though. They recently made the interview rounds with Joseline rocking what looked like an engagement ring, but both she and Stevie tried to play coy, telling reporters, it's "just a little something I wear.”"