Rick Ross Not Ready To Put A Cap On Success

By Rob Markman, with reporting by Sway Calloway

Rick Ross  is on the verge of notching his fourth #1 album, but the Miami MC still doesn’t feel like he’s made it. In fact, Rozay wants to avoid the feeling all together.

"Man I'm gonna be honest, I'm scared to feel like I made it," Ross told "RapFix Live" host Sway Calloway when he appeared on the August 1 show. "Am I wealthy? Yes... [but] there's a lot more we can do."

Hits Daily Double is predicting that the Maybach Music boss will earn the #1 spot selling anywhere between 200,000 and 220,000 copies of GFID. Tack that onto the impact Rozay has made on the game with countless hit singles, street-certified mixtapes and the artists he has ushered into the game through his MMG label. His list of accomplishments works out to be quite long. Still, there is more to do, he said.

"Even with the success I have and the things I have accomplished, I still don't feel like I'm an Eric B. and Rakim yet," the rotund rapper said, gesturing to the famed Eric B., who was sitting on his right. "As long as I keep that mindset and that inspiration still there, I can keep getting better. Thinking any other way, I think it may scare me."

On his records, Ricky has no reservations reminding fans that he is the biggest boss of them all. On "Pirates," one of the album cuts from <i>God Forgives,</i> Rozay goes on to compare himself to two of the most revered rappers ever. He raps, "Homicide stay on my mind, Christopher Wallace of my time/ R.I.P. to the legend, Tupac Shakur with a nine."

Outside of the booth however, Ross is far more humble. Gold and platinum plaques are nice, but Rozay insists that with this new album, he simply aims for artistic growth. "It'll just most definitely open some more eyes, go above and beyond anything my day-one supporters could imagine," he said. "That's the energy I'll be looking for, that's the response I'll be looking for."

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