Does Drake's Aaliyah Collaboration Include A Chris Brown Diss?

Although Drake has been dropping hints about this Aaliyah collaboration since March, we still had to hear it to believe it. "Enough Said" with previously unheard vocals from the late singer, debuted last night with a couple of feature verses from Drake. But aside from the initial shock of hearing new Aaliyah music again, 11 years after her death, some diehard fans are peeved that Drizzy potentially takes a shot at Chris Brown on the track.

Drake, musing about his list of enemies and family members--which increase in sync with his bank account--spits, “Selling under 150, you ni---s gotta be kidding, is this even a discussion?” Sure, the line could be interpreted as a shot at many rappers—it ain’t easy selling records these days, but it just so happens that Brown’s released his Fortune album last month, selling 135, 000 copies in its first week, compared to Drake’s haul of 600,000 with Take Care.

The Toronto MC has remained mum about Chris Brown in the weeks since their entourages brawled at a NYC nightclub, even though Breezy had a few things to say. So, is Drake really taking a shot at Brown? Fans on Twitter seemed to think so.

@_JRichardson Finally heard that Aaliyah ft. Drake song. He came at Chris Brown on the calm.

@toyas_world It was disrespectful that Drake chose an Aaliyah track to diss Chris Brown. There is a time & place for everything & this wasn't it.

@Haughtonish Things I dislike about Drake's new song : 1.''Enough said'' is that he was dissing Chris Brown in a Aaliyah song which is negative.

@iRepThat_TRIBE Drake dissed Chris brown on that Aaliyah song..... Lol

@In_Boss_U_Trust Is the Drake song with Aaliyah in it really a diss to Chris Brown cuz if so, that's disrespectful

@Cazba21 Now I love Drake but not sure reworking Aaliyah for 10 year anniversary and "dissing" Chris Brown in it is really in the right spirit!

@samcmac Guys…Drake actually dug up a subpar unreleased Aaliyah song and then rapped about how he sells more albums than Chris Brown over it. ANGER.

@BrandonBoose Soooo Why Drake Dissing Chris Brown On An Aaliyah

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