Beyonce Shares Jay-Z Nail Art

Beyonce's Tumblr photo updates come just often enough to keep you checking back for more weekly, and one of her most recent posts shows the sillier side of the superstar. Showing off her new manicure (which she's done before), Bey zooms in on the details on two of her nails: nail art featuring her own face, alongside Jay-Z.

The average girl might be too embarrassed to display on her boyfriend or husband's face on her nail, but things are different when you're dating Hov. Last week Bey added a photo herself wearing a T-shirt from her husband's historic September 11, 2009 show at New York City's Madison Square Garden, while throwing up the Roc.

During that previous update, she also added a few additional shots of herself in a dance studio, plus a scenic still from Paris when The Throne touched down there a few weeks back.

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