Stevie J And Joseline Amused By Engagement Rumors

By Miranda Johnson

Get ready for an overdose of rachetness. "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars Stevie J and rumored fiancé Joseline Hernandez recently sat down to clear the air about a few of the many rumors surrounding their relationship. Covering everything from their “engagement” to how Stevie portrays himself, to his daughter, it’s eminent that the relations between these two are far from over.

When asked by Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg what effects Stevie’s actions have on his daughter and if he would allow them to date someone of his standard, he responded, “at this moment in my life, no I wouldn’t want them to date somebody like me. Later on when I get more settled then yea.” Making it clear that he does not want to be looked at as a role model he then continued, “But I’m not they man, I’m they dad.”

And as for the engagement, according to Joseline the ring is “just a little something I wear.” In an obvious attempt to avoid answering the question the two laughed it off stating, “we’re just taking it one day at a time,” later confirming their open relationship, and fueling the engagement rumors.

Last week Stevie J’s longtime girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Mimi Faust, told “RapFix” that she’d had it with the “love triangle.” “I do not wanna be in a f---ng three ring circus no. I don’t,” she said. “

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast filmed their reunion special this week, and K. Michelle told MTV News that it was quite the emotional get together.