Beanie Sigel Talks Music With Dr. Ben Chavis In 'Man To Man' Episode 2

By Carter Maness

Headed to prison in September for a two-year sentence on tax evasion charges, Beanie Sigel reflected on his freedom in part-two of his "Man To Man" web series, which premiered exclusively on "RapFix Live" this week. In the frank clip, the former Roc-A-Fella rapper gets honest in his discussion with civil rights activist and president of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Dr. Ben Chavis.

Sigel is releasing a new album, This Time, in August, and said that he wants his musical legacy to be based on the positive, socially conscious material of songs buried a little deeper in his albums. "I do certain songs just to get the attention of the people," Sigel told Chavis, citing tracks like the new "Children Are The Future." "Whether it be them records that don't get the videos, them album cuts, them records you got to listen to the album to get."

Sigel says that his reluctance to release music in recent years was due to a period of personal discovery. His upcoming prison sentence will allow even more time to reflect, but he realizes that honesty is the best path forward. "At one point, I was scared," he said. "But I ain't scared to say I'm scared. I took a time out from the music and just wanted to be normal again. Whatever that means."

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