2 Chainz Records On The Road In 'Deuce Mobile' Studio

By Rob Markman

2 Chainz has a lingo all his own. Not only has the ATLien captivated rap fans with inescapable jams, he has also supplied us with a great deal of slang and creative catch phrases as well. Act like you haven’t yelled out, “Truuuuuuuuu” in a crowded room or proclaim “It’s mine, I spend it” to a nosey girlfriend or the IRS.

A few weeks ago when 2 Chainz came up to MTV News to talk about his August 14 solo debut based on a T.R.U. Story for our Hip-Hop Music Preview, the “Riot” MC kept making references to Deuce Mobile. Silly us, we thought Chainz was getting into the cell phone business, but nope, it’s just his tour bus/studio.

"It blessed me to be able to just wake up with ideas and be able to lay them right then and there right by my bed or get offstage and lay ideas," 2 Chainz told MTV News when he sat with us for our Hip-Hop Music Preview. "Probably the whole last year of recording for me, since I've been on the road with the tours and everything ... I've been doing them on my bus and sending them back."

Life on the road can be a blur, but the "Spend It" rapper has made sure to keep track of where he records each song. The details will be documented in his album's liner notes. When fans rip open their physical copies of Based on a T.R.U. Story on August 14, they will notice that, although 2 Chainz's studio remains consistent, the cities will change.

"You might see Deuce Mobile, North Carolina; Deuce Mobile, New York. You're like, 'Damn, you got studios everywhere.' Well, it's actually my bus, and I'm just talking about where I actually recorded the song," he said. "You'll know exactly where I was on these records."

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