Mimi Faust Talks Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, Stevie J Love Triangle

By Maurice Bobb

Despite reports that VH1’s "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" will not have a reunion show after its tumultuous and drama-filled inaugural season, one of the show’s central characters, Mimi Faust, who is caught in the salacious love triangle with veteran producer Stevie J and androgynous former stripper/wannabe artist Joseline Hernandez, confirmed that the cast will be shooting the reunion special this week.

“It’s gonna be stupid, that’s all I can say,” Mimi told RapFix while partying this past weekend at Deion Sanders’ annual Primetime Black & Red Gala in Atlanta. “Stupid. Mona (Scott-Young) will be moderating most likely. I’m assuming. I don’t know that for sure. I don’t know who’ll be in the room. I don’t know. All I can say is it’s gonna be stupid.”

Maybe “LHHA” fans can vouch for the show’s “stupidity,” but fans keep tuning in every Monday night. Since hitting the airwaves, audiences relish in the absurdity of Stevie J’s many lies and struggle faces, Joseline’s audacity and Mimi’s blind love. When these three share any kind of screen time, “ratchet” drama that ensues.

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“Do I want to be part of that love triangle? Ugh, no!” Mimi told RapFix. “I do not wanna be in a f---ng three ring circus no. I don’t.” As bad as that three-ring circus has been, it has also catapulted Mimi into the national spotlight, making life interesting every time she sets foot outside of her Atlanta home.

“My life hasn’t really changed,” Mimi said. “I’m the same girl. I do the same things. I go to the same stores with my daughter. We go to the same parks. The only thing that’s changed is when I go out, I get noticed more. I get women coming up to me, giving me hugs, crying, telling me their gonna beat Stevie and Joseline’s ass. I mean it’s a trip. It’s crazy.”

How crazy has it been? She’s had women want to commit violence towards “Stebie” and Joseline on her behalf. “I had a girl come up to me, she was from Florida, and she told that whenever I wanted, she would fly down here and whoop both they asses, on demand,” Mimi said to RapFix. “I was like…OK. She was like, ‘Mimi girl, I got yo back! I will f--- him and that bitch up!’ I was like, Wow, OK.”

Although the woman’s offer was tempting, Mimi doesn’t want that kind of violence to make an ugly situation worse. She just advises other women to do what’s best for them and their situation when it comes to love.

“First of all, everything that glitters is not gold,” Mimi said. “If you truly and honestly love the person that you’re with, if you wanna work it out, I suggest you try and work it out. That was my situation. I have a daughter with this man. A two-year old. I tried to work my family situation out. When you find out that’s not going to work, change your situation. Only you can change your situation. The man ain’t gonna do it. He gonna have you and her and her and somebody else. So if you realize what you’re doing is not working for you, change your situation.”

As wild as things have gotten on the show—including the Scrappy “paws” incident and the pregnancy scare—Mimi assures that everything that happens is unscripted and just as much of a surprise to her as it is to audiences.

“They keep us on our toes,” Mimi said. “When I tell you this whole process has been a surprise from the beginning to right now, everything is a surprise. It’s not scripted. It was all a surprise. All I know is when I shoot. That’s it. I don’t know when he shoots, I don’t know when she shoots, and I don’t know when anybody else shoots. I don’t know when they shoot what it’s about, so I’m watching it just like the rest of America and the whole world is watching. And my mouth is on the fucking floor, too, like, are you fucking serious right now? I be in my living room having a fucking heart attack sometimes, like what? He kissing this bitch? What? Yeah.”

Outside of reality show duties and her turbulent relationship with her daughter’s father, Mimi has other irons in the fire.

“I got a lot of things coming up,” Mimi said. “You know I have a cleaning service? Keep It Clean, Inc. I’m going to incorporate an interior design service in my cleaning service. I do detail cleaning. I’m not a maid. That a misconception. I do detail cleaning. I do closets, organize, I organize mostly. I have a children’s line coming out, named after my daughter Eva. And I’ve got a book deal on the table. I know everybody says they have a book coming out, but when I tell you my s--- is real? Yes. Guess what? Look at how I’ve put my shit out there thus far. I put my shit out there and it’s not cute. So I mean, why not?”

And though many believe Mimi is not wrapped too tight to be putting up with Stevie J the philanderer, she assures that the show hasn’t depicted her in a completely false light.

“I will say this: we shoot two hour scenes, so what you’re seeing is about six minutes of a two hour scene,” Mimi said. “And once that goes to the editing room, that’s what you get. You get bits and pieces of what was really going on. Trust and believe that the shit you see, that was me the whole way through. But they have to tell a story. My life is your entertainment. And they got to make it entertaining. And it’s working. It’s the highest rated cable show on the network right now.”

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