Exclusive: Shyne Debuts 'King Crown Of Judah' After Matisyahu Collaboration

Shyne recently teamed up with Jewish rapper Matisyahu for a collaboration, but things didn't turn out exactly as planned. Late in June Matisyahu premiered the track “Buffalo Soldier” featuring Shyne from his Spark Seeker LP, but the former Bad Boy rapper felt that his contribution to the record was downplayed, so he’s released his full version of their collaboration. Listen to “King Crown of Judah” above.

“When I read the papers and I saw what happened with Shyne, that he got out of jail and he was Orthodox and all that…I don't know how we connected but we connected on the phone and talked about making some music together,” Matisyahu said of recording with Shyne in a recent video clip.

Shyne reunited with Kanye West and Jay-Z in May, when he hit Cannes to catch the premiere of 'Ye's "Cruel Summer" short film.