Young Jeezy Shares His Good Ass Night On 'Guy Code'

A new season of MTV 2’s "Guy Code" is well underway, and on Tuesday night's epsiode, which airs at 11pm EST on MTV 2, Young Jeezy shares his idea of a 'Good Ass Night.' Think you can keep up with Jeezy's agenda from sundown to sunrise? Find out.

"'A Good Ass Night' for me would start off in maybe 8 to 10 different clubs, some of them would be exotic entertainment, the rest of them would be probably the hoodest clubs in America," Jeezy admits. What's next?

"We're gonna get an assortment of chicks, we’re gonna put them on the party bus and party no the way to the next club," he adds, noting that there will be plenty of Patron, Ciroc and champagne involved. The party will obviously rage until the early morning hours, when breakfast will simply be topped off with more champagne.

Catch "Guy Code" at 11p.m. on MTV 2.