Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ep 7: Stevie J Sings To Mimi, Tries Therapy

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night's episode of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," entitled "Therapy," basically proved that everyone on this show needs major therapy. Like for realsies.

Karlie Redd has a heart-to-heart sit down with her manager Malcolm Miles (So much for being down with Young Money). Malcolm chides Karlie for doing “a lot of other things” (Translation: men) that are distracting her from her career. In other words, Benzino is not a good look. When Karlie says that Benzino loves her, her manager’s “Shut up” in response is priceless. “Do you want love or a career right now,” asks Malcolm.

If the Benzino and Karlie makeout session did not thoroughly gross you out last week, the twosome went at it again in a lovey dovey moment. We see Benzino bringing Karlee breakfast in bed and giving her a key to his place. Karlie says that Malcolm is worried that Benzino is not a hot look for her career to which he responds that SHE'S not that hot in the streets. Say what? Maybe Benzino should be a stand up comedian if this show doesn’t work out. Karlie says she’ll give Benzino a chance as he fights away tears.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie J Was Surprised By Joseline's Pregnancy

Somehow, Benzino finagles a meeting with Vincent Herbert (Lady Gaga's manager) for his lady. Vincent seems excited about Karlie and wants her to go into the studio with his producers, Da Internz. Point 1: Benzino.

We finally see Joseline in the studio, albeit obviously lip syncing. Stevie J walks in and demands to know why Jos is recording behind his back at his studio. “I’m still gonna get paid regardless,” says Stevie as he gives her his signature psycho killer glare. Stevie threatens to send Joseline (Where else?) right back to the strip club and says that they need to stop “fucking.” Joseline shrugs it off and says that she’s irresistible to him. Ewww. Stevie says he won’t let Jos out of her contract regardless.

Mimi and Erica go to a show to see K. Michelle perform and lo and behold, Stevie jumps on stage and sings her an off-key sappy love song featuring the poetic lyrics: "I can't go on living with you no more/All the arguing, fussing and fighting bring the red and blue lights." Yes, this happened. Mimi tries to listen to the words behind Stevie's caterwauling. "If you're gonna write a song for me, you'd better write some better shit than that," says Mimi of her boo's flat apology. "You hurt me to the core!"

After Stevie J, Lil Scrappy may up for the "no good man" award of the episode because he confides to Shay that he's been fighting with Erica over child support and may get lawyers involved. My math may be rusty, but it looks like he's fighting over a few thousand dollars, which we all know barely gets you in the door at an Atlanta strip club. Boo, Scrappy!

Rasheeda and Kirk hash it out following her secret meeting with Mama Waka aka Aunt Deb. Kirk says that he misses the girl he fell in love with and that she’s too focused on being a rapper. Her solution? She should find a new manager and they can work on their lives. See what she did there? Point 1: Rasheeda.

K. Michelle delves into her own man problems. She goes on a ho-hum date with a dude in a smedium shirt and then talks to her ex who keeps it 100 and says that she needs to stop being shallow with the men she selects. We're sure Memphitz has some interesting tweets to add in here.

Finally, Mimi and Stevie go into their first therapy session and Stevie a/k/a Slimeball J. admits to being a liar. Finally. Slimeball says he loves Mimi but he wants to be back in love with her. Oh yeah, he also loves Joseline as "a friend" (Who gets their friends pregnant?) Mimi accuses Slimeball of multiple infidelities and the therapist chastises Mimi for letting her man cheat. Both Mimi and Slimeball reveal that they have mothers who abandoned them which has warped their relationship senses. Mimi says she's on Slimeball's side still. Cue tears and hugging.

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