UK Video Of The Week: DVS - 'Daily Duppy' (Freestyle)

By Joseph "JP" Patterson

Artist Name: DVS

Location: London, UK.

Musical Style: "Any track that you hear me talking about pain, that’s my favourite track…"

2011 was a huge year for UK rap music, and one of its main successes was south London-born and raised rapper, DVS. After a five-year hiatus, the Brixton representative – who is also a member of the PDC collective – decided that it was time give fans what they have been waiting for, and finally released his One In A Billion mixtape at the end of last year. MTV UK premiered the exclusive tape and it went on to receive thousands of downloads in just a few hours of being let loose on the public.

Due to the hype surrounding DVS and his 19-track compilation, he was eventually named as one of MTV UK’s top MCs in the country, slipping in at the No. 10 spot on the "Best Of The Best: UK MCs 2011" show – an achievement that the street rhymer did not expect. DVS has set the bar extremely high when it comes to emotionally-driven lyrics, wordplay and beat selection, and his fans have continued to grow with him as he carries on his journey of becoming a well-rounded artist.

This week’s "Video Of The Week" comes from DVS, with his "Daily Duppy" freestyle for GRM Daily (formerly Grime Daily). Having been off the scene for a few months, he blessed everyone with an impressive half pain/emotional, half trap freestyle last week – in which he schools a few people who think that they’re, erm, "on this ting": "Never chase badness, ‘cos badness will come/Never move like you’re only bad with your gun/Always show love to the dargs in the slum, recognise a real ni--a when you come across one."

"I’m currently working on my debut album," DVS told RapFix. "I’ve just been living life at the moment, going through good and bad times, so there will be a lot of interesting content for you guys to listen to when it’s released. There will be some mainstream-sounding tracks on there, but you can also expect your usual DVS street tracks on there too. I’ve got something for everyone..."

RapFix’s "UK Video Of The Week" is a new weekly column by UK-based music journalist, Joseph 'JP' Patterson, designed to give us a closer look at hip-hop across the pond. Stay tuned.