Katherine Jackson To 'Share' Custody Of Michael's Kids

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After a week of drama in the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson has come forward stating that she is open to sharing custody of Michael's three children--Paris, Prince and Blanket--with her grandson TJ.

According to TMZ, Katherine's attorney, Perry Sanders, says that Katherine and TJ will file a request for joint guardianship in court early next week. Katherine's lawyer says the new shared living arrangement "reflected the wishes of [Michael Jackson's] children."

If all goes as planned, TJ will assume more day-to-day responsibilities. "Mrs. Jackson will then be freed up to focus on the more personal everyday decision making related to the lives and activities of the children," the lawyer told TMZ, and Katherine will still be in charge of the children's family allowance of $70,000 per month.

Yesterday, RapFix reported that Katherine had lost custody of the children to TJ, Tito Jackson's son. This was following a bitter dispute over Michael's estate and inter-family fighting over the treatment and whereabouts of matriarch Katherine. RapFix reported about the Jackson family meltdown in which a fight broke out at Katherine's home in Calabasas, California on Monday (July 23). Multiple family members were involved, including MJ's daughter Paris Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson. Police arrived at the scene but no arrests were made.