Beanie Sigel Meets Dr. Ben Chavis In 'Man To Man' Episode 1

Beanie Sigel is getting ready to drop his new album This Time in August, before beginning a September prison sentence, so the Philly rapper certainly has a lot on his plate at the moment. "RapFix Live" is keeping up with Beans by rolling out a 3-part webisode special titled "Man to Man." In episode 1, Beanie received some words of wisdom and encouragement to push forward from civil rights activist Dr. Ben Chavis.

Chavis, who is currently the president of Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (co-founded with Russell Simmons), refers to himself as an OG during the chat, giving Beans some advice. "I recognize what you have always brought to the table. you're not new as this, this is your comeback but you’re not he comeback kid you’re the comeback man."

"I just listened to your voice and god has blessed you Beanie, you’ve been blessed with a gift. Now it's time to share that gift again, but share more of the gift," Chavis tells him. "We feel your power, we hear your voice. The truth of what you spit and how you spit it, it's just great. Your voice penetrates, your voice uplifts, your voice reaches the inward reality of so many of our brothers and sisters all over the world."

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