Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't Leaks Six Days Early

Rick Ross 5th solo alum God Forgives, I Don't (which he calls 'A Masterpiece') leaked on Wednesday (July 25), six days earlier than its intended July 31 drop date. He'd already rolled out singles like "Touch'N You" w/ Usher and more continued to leak yesterday including "Diced Pineapples" and "Sixteen." Now fans are weighing in on the full project. Pre-order the official LP on iTunes, and check out what Rozay has to say about the project above.

During a sit down for MTV's Hip Hop Preview, Rozay broke down a few of his tracks:

"Hold Me Back": "That's the struggle, the angle I wanted to take on that record once again from somebody who may not have much, but that don't determine where you end up in the game. From struggle to triumph, as long as you stay loyal with your clique and your family, you can overcome whatever. That's how I feel."

"Amsterdam": "It's based around the red light district, but I kinda flipped it where being a boss you gotta get approval for a green light. I'm one of those people you can't green light. As long I've been in this game, there's been a lot of talk, but ain't nobody stepped on these 11 and a half's. The reason being: This is the red light district, you can't move on this side."

"Diced Pineapples": "When I got out of the hospital — you know, I had a seizure last year — when I was leaving, the doctor told me, 'You gotta eat some more fruit, drink you some water, eat fruit and just relax for a little while.' My fruit of choice was pineapples. For the next three weeks, I woke up every morning and ate diced pineapples, and I put the concept together. Drizzy came in, as well as Wale, and it's kinda like, 'She could be my diced pineapple. This special lady, she could be what I wake up to every morning and help me get by every day."

Since the project hit the web, he's been sending out a string of tweets with his hashtag attached, including: Scorsese approved: "#GFID Scorsese approved. #GFID Scorsese approved. #GFID"