Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline's Fake Engagement, Stevie J's Double Life Exposed by Mimi

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Even when the cameras aren't on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," the drama doesn't end in the Stevie J, Mimi and Joseline love triangle. The YBF reports that Joseline has been sporting a large rock on her engagement finger which many believe is from her producer/ sometimes smash buddy Stevie J. Stevie's girl, Mimi, doesn't think so.

Mimi recently called in the TT Torrez Show and debunked the matrimony rumors. Well then! Mimi also revealed that she didn't know about Stevie's affair with Joseline until a month before the show taped (Stevie had Joseline's number as "Big Homie" in his phone which Mimi thought was a male friend). Mimi said that Stevie lives a double life that she had no idea about.

Many have chastised Mimi for being in a long-term relationship plagued by affairs, including a high-profile romance with rapper Eve, but Mimi says this is false. She said that she's known Stevie for 15 years but she was not with him when he was with rapper Eve or the other several other women he's impregnated.

The show has served revealing information for Mimi. As audiences see the story unfold, she herself has learned about Stevie's trifling ways. Mimi also clarifies that the producers of

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" often put her in manufactured positions (see: reality television). This week, she was forced to sit down with Joseline and she didn't want to. Oh yeah, and she still loves Stevie J. Sigh.

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