Nas Shooting Videos For Life Is Good's 'Reach Out,' 'Bye Baby'

Music News

By Carter Maness with reporting by Vanessa Whitewolf

With his 10th solo album, Life is Good, receiving universal acclaim, plus the Billboard success to match, Nas is now focused on shooting videos for a series of singles from the record. In a recent interview with RapFix, the Queens MC said he was leaning towards "Reach Out," which features a '90s-infused hook from Mary J. Blige, as his next single.

"I got a record with Mary J. Blige that just gives you that feeling," he said. "It just feels like early Mary J. Blige, early Nas. I want to shoot a video to that."

In addition, Nas has been working with frequent collaborator Chris Robinson on cinematic clips for other singles. "He's a great director. I'm looking forward to shooting "Bye Baby," and making it like a movie," he said, referring to Guy-sampling narrative track that explores the dissolution of his marriage to Kelis.

The album's old school flavor also provides Nas with the opportunity to revisit his Queens roots. The MC revealed that he's been back at the Queensbridge Housing Projects to get some local flavor on video. "My brother Jungle started to direct one of the songs in Queensbridge. We went out there and he shot some footage and I'm looking forward to see how that's coming out," he said.

The veteran rapper knows that we live in a visual culture now, and that it's important to add context and market his work through channels like YouTube. "I want to do a lot of videos to this album," he said. "It's a video age. I want to do more than I'm known for doing."